Why Choose Scholastic Super English

Scholastic Super English (SSE) helps your child master proficiency in the English language
by attending live, interactive classes with real tutors that will set them on a path to
academic excellence and career success.

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What Makes Scholastic Super English Different

Scientifically-proven online language assessment

Curated and levelled Lessons

Active engagement of each student

Live coaches and 1:6 student batches

Why English proficiency matters?

  • To score better in other subjects
  • (English is the base language)

  • To express opinions and views with confidence
  • (in the classroom and beyond)

  • To fluently communicate with people of diverse backgrounds
  • (English is the most spoken language in the world)


    All successful people have one thing in common


    Best Coaches For Your Children

  • Certified English Language Expert
  • Decades of experience
  • Highly empathetic
  • Performance-oriented
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    Rachna Singh


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    Uma Hiremath


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    Jyotsana Singh


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    Chitralekha Bhaskar


    How Super English Works

    How Super English Works


    • With a legacy of over 100 years, Scholastic is the world’s largest publisher an distributor of children’s books and a leader in educational technology and children’s media.
    • We have helped children enjoy the process of learning by providing them with high quality books. The same engaging content has been converted to a digital format, and delivered in a small batch coaching model. We help create independent thinkers, prolific readers, budding writers and proficient communicators, which in turn helps students excel in academics.

    • Three levels in total. Yes, they are progressive.

    • Thirty classes, including assessments and parent interactions.

    • Twice a week.

    • 60 - 70min

    • In the weekdays, classes are held in the evenings and a suitable time on weekends. However, your preference will be considered if requested during enrolment.

    • Structure/Process of Registration/Enrolment Our telemarketing team will be in touch with you about the details of the programme. You will receive an introductory offer price letter on a detailed email.

    • Level/ability will be identified after the students go through a simple online quiz. This quiz is scientifically designed to test the child’s English proficiency skills like reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. This quiz takes about 30-35 mins and is comprised of multiple-choice questions. The test does not require any prior preparation.